Welcome to the Featherbrooke Home Owners Associations (FHA) Action Group. The intension of this site and forum is to bring specific matters to the attention of the FHA management and it members. Speaking to a number of residents, it became necessary to monitor the actions of the FHA management. The Action Group will formally correspond with the FHA directors and publish all correspondence on this site. In light of the security risks now currently increasing as a result of the installation of the new R 7,0 Million Rand fence, it has become a burning issue with residents. FHA Management is responsible for this implementation of a non workable fence.

Video Material is currently setup strategically and  footage will be  issued to residents just to see how easy it is to bridge the fence. The simulation will actually show that security is unaware of the break. Footage will be posted on You Tube.


This is what the Supplier says!!!!

Palisade fence with a sting- our palisade fences are much more robust than ordinary electric fencing, as well as vastly superior to ordinary palisade fencing because they provide an electric shock to anyone trying to climb them. The bottom slats are do not shock- safe for pets and people, but the top slats will stop even determined intruders!

Service / Maintenance Contract

Alcatraz provides a Robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the installation of security products. In the case of Alcatraz Power Barrier, this SLA is compulsory to ensure that the product is regularly tested and thus reliable. The SLA is determined by a nominal monthly fee per meter of installed fencing

Approx. 3 weeks ago another incident occurred where a beak was discovered in the middle of the night by Mr Hartzer. Security was not even aware of the situation and the event could have ended in a catastrophe ? 

It is time that homeowners react to the situation and prepare a "Watchdog" for the FHA to protect our interests. 

Proposals for the "Watchdog" implementation is currently being formalized by the Action Group.  Current Topics will include:

1. Tender Processes. Typical examples such as 

 "Ensure that surveillance equipment meet the standards issued in the specifications and installed professionally" 

" Fence installation and specifications"

"GPS Jackets for Gaurds" 

There are many residence who is professional engineers capable of adjudicate such tenders, not and estate managers choice only.

2. Financial control measures. This will include a voting system for spending limits. It is proposed to limit items to R50 000,00 per tender where after a voting system shall be implemented for approve spendings of the FHA. 

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